The Radlett Wire EU referendum poll – the results are in

Our EU referendum opinion poll closed early this morning. You voted – narrowly – in favour of Remain. Now it’s time for the real thing. During the ten days the poll was live, things moved around a lot, though, and both sides had a majority at one point or another. With a sample of 361, the poll is probably pretty representative.

Final results of Radlett Wire's EU referendum opinion poll
Turnout in Hertsmere at the last general election, in 2015, was 67.9%. Will the feverish – not to say furious – atmosphere of the campaign and the sheer gravity of the decision we have to make produce a higher turnout? Or will the rain keep voters at home? We’ll know in about twenty hours.

We’ll be at the count and will bring you the results as soon as they’re public. Follow us on Twitter or on Facebook to get the news first.


  1. Really, you think an online poll conducted via Facebook which has a youthful user group, and a sample size of 361 is “pretty representative”? Laughable!

    1. It’s worse than that, Mat. No serious polling methodology, no control over the sample. It’s just for fun. Lots of people have done much more serious opinion polls on the referendum. A good place to start is UK Polling Report.

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