Wheel clamping in Radlett

Update: we’re asking Radlett residents and shoppers what they think of Wine Rack’s decision to use a private wheel clamping firm to enforce parking rules in front of their new Radlett shop. The 1-minute survey has been live since this morning and there are already dozens of responses. We’d like the widest possible response to the survey so please tell your friends, like and share this page on Facebook and Twitter and generally get the word out. Thanks! Steve

Private wheel clamping firms are a fact of life but here’s an interesting variation on the theme. The parking spaces outside the new Wine Rack in the parade on the East side of Watling Street in Radlett are now protected by a rather well-known firm of private clampers called Parking Control Services. Cars parked without ‘a valid P.C.S. authorised permit’ are liable to clamping and towing. The penalties are substantial and apply around the clock, even when local authority parking restrictions do not apply and when the shop is closed.

The warning sign uses the usual rather chilling language of surcharges, tow fees and daily rates and the phrase “Includes blue badge holders” stands out. There’s no mention of customers on the warning sign but I’m assuming that buying something from the shop will entitle you to a permit. All the spaces in the parade are private so Wine Rack are well within their rights to bring in the private clampers but what do you think of the shop’s clamping policy and do you support the government’s – much delayed – plans to ban private clampers? Complete this one-minute survey and we’ll publish the results here on the blog.


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